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Section 1208.01    General

  1. Purpose
    The purpose of this Chapter is to secure and provide for the following goals and
    1. To provide reasonable design standards intended to foster innovative and
      efficient subdivision and land development and orderly community growth;

    2. To coordinate the provision of public improvements with private
      development interests;

    3. To encourage subdivision and land development practices that are compatible
      with nearby development patterns;

    4. To encourage high quality subdivision and land development practice and
      design so as to minimize disruptions to natural and cultural features, adverse
      environmental impacts, and risks associated with natural and man-made
      hazards; and

    5. To reflect and implement relevant city planning documents and policies,
      including but not limited to the Comprehensive Plan and the city=s capital
      improvement plans and budget.

  2. Applicability
    1. General Rule--Compliance Required. This Chapter shall apply to all
      subdivisions of land located within the corporate limits of the City, as
      "subdivision"  is defined in Chapter 1213 of this Code. No person shall
      subdivide by deed, plat, instrument of conveyance or otherwise, any tract of
      land within the City except in conformity with the provisions of this Chapter.

    2. Exemptions. This Chapter shall not apply to:
      1. A change in the boundary between adjoining land or lots that does
        not create an additional or substandard lot.
      2. The division of land into parcels that does not create additional new
        building sites.

  3. Administration and Review
    1. Approving Agency. This Chapter shall be administered by the Planning
      Commission acting in lieu of the governing body, except as may be otherwise
      provided in this Code.

    2. Procedures.
      1. All subdivisions shall be reviewed and approved pursuant to the
        procedures set forth in Chapter 1203, Section 1203.10,
        "Subdivisions," of this Code.
      2. Minor subdivisions, as that term is defined in Chapter 1213 of this
        Code, shall be exempt from the requirement of a final subdivision
        plat and shall be subject only to the procedure set forth in Section
        1203.10(c), "Procedures for Approval of a Minor Subdivision."

    3. Recording of Plat. No plat of any subdivision, including a sketch plat or plat
      map for a minor subdivision, shall be entitled to be recorded in the Summit
      County recorder's office, or have any validity, until it has been approved in
      the manner prescribed in this Code. In the event any such unapproved plat is
      recorded, it shall be considered invalid and the City shall institute
      proceedings to have the plat stricken from the County's records.

    4. Sale of Land in Subdivision. No owner or agent of the owner of any land
      located within a subdivision shall transfer, sell, agree to sell, or negotiate to
      sell any land by reference to, exhibition of, or use of, a plan or plat of a
      subdivision before such plat or plan has been approved and recorded in the
      manner prescribed in this Code. The description of such lot or parcel by
      metes and bounds in the instrument of transfer or other documents used in the
      process of selling or transferring shall not exempt the transaction from the
      provisions of this Code.