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Section 1208.04    Site Design--Compliance with Zoning Requirements

  1. Compliance with Zoning Development Standards
    The general layout of lots, roads, driveways, utilities, drainage facilities, and other services within all proposed subdivisions and development sites shall be designed in a way that minimizes the amount of land disturbance, maximizes the amount of open space in the development, preserves existing trees/vegetation, protects wetlands and critical wildlife habitat, and otherwise accomplishes the purposes and intent of this Code and of the zone district in which the subdivision is located. Applicants shall refer to the zoning development/site plan standards set forth in Chapter 1207 and shall apply them in the layout of the subdivision in order to avoid creating lots or patterns of lots that will make compliance with such development standards difficult or infeasible.

  2. Establishment of Limits of Disturbance During Subdivision Process
    Maximum area of impervious surface coverage and limits of disturbance shall be designated on the preliminary subdivision plan for each individual lot or building site pursuant to the standards and requirements set forth in Section 1207.01, AMaximum Impervious Surface Coverage".   Any designated limit of disturbance shall be reviewed by the City Manager during his review of the preliminary subdivision plan, and the Planning Commission shall make a separate finding that such limits of disturbance are in compliance with this Code prior to its approval of both the preliminary and final plats.