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Section 1209.08    Modification and Termination

  1. Mutual Consent
    A development agreement may be canceled or modified by the mutual consent of the
    developer and the City acting through the City Council.

  2. Noncompliance by Developer
    The City Council may terminate or modify a development agreement based upon
    evidence that the developer, or successor in interest thereto, has not complied with
    the terms or conditions of the agreement.

  3. Change in Applicable State or Federal Law
    In the event that state or federal laws or regulations are enacted after execution of the
    development agreement and prevent or preclude compliance with one or more
    provisions of the development agreement, such provisions of the agreement shall be
    modified or suspended to the extent necessary to comply with such state or federal
    laws or regulations.

  4. Procedure
    The City Council may modify or terminate a development agreement using the same
    legislative procedures for adopting the original development agreement ordinance.