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Section 1201.08    Conflicting Provisions and Relationship with Other Ordinances

  1. Conflicts with Other Regulations
    When the provisions of this land development code are inconsistent with one another or when the provisions of this Code conflict with provisions found in other adopted ordinances or regulations, the more restrictive provision shall govern. Provisions should be interpreted to require compatibility of land subdivision and development to neighboring residential development.

  2. Relationship with Other Ordinances Regulating Residential Development
    The provisions of this land development code require a certificate of zoning compliance ("zoning certificate") for construction of a residential dwelling unit on a legal lot prior to issuance of a building permit by Summit County. In addition to compliance with the use and development standards set forth in Chapters 1205, 1206, and 1207 of this Code, there are two conditions precedent for issuance of a zoning certificate for residential development in the City:
    1. An allocation granted pursuant to the provisions and procedures established in Chapter 1211 of this Code, the "Growth Management Residential Development Rate Allocation System," and
    2. Design review and approval from the Architectural and Historic Board of Review ("AHBR") pursuant to the provisions and procedures set forth in Chapters 1202, 1203, and 1204 of this Code.

  3. Relationship with Other Ordinances and Regulations
    It shall be the applican's responsibility to determine and comply with all applicable city, county, state, or federal ordinances or regulations governing land development activities.