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Section 1208.14    Required Improvements

  1. Subdivider's Responsibilities
    Unless otherwise expressly indicated, the subdivider, through his engineer, shall
    prepare and furnish all plans, specifications, cost estimates, and other essential
    documents necessary for the construction and installation of the required
    improvements, including all offsite improvements necessary for the approved
    connection to existing streets, utilities, walkways, and other public improvements.
    Further, the subdivider shall agree at his own cost and expense to do all the work,
    and furnish all the materials and labor necessary to construct and complete the
    required improvements in a good and substantial manner to the satisfaction of the
    City Engineer.

  2. Specifications, Supervision, and Inspections
    The specifications of the City of Hudson shall in all respects govern the construction
    of required improvements. The work shall be done under City supervision and
    inspection and shall be completed within the time fixed or agreed upon by the City

  3. Inspection Costs
    The cost of city inspections shall be paid by the subdivider. An amount of money
    estimated by the City Engineer for such purpose shall be deposited in advance with
    the City Treasurer or otherwise provided for in the improvements plan and
    agreement and bond requirements set forth in this Chapter. The required fee shall
    normally be not less than five (5) percent and not more than nine (9) percent of the
    total estimated cost of the required improvements.

  4. Responsibility Of Public Agencies To Provide Service
    If the City Engineer or other city inspector, or the Summit County Building
    Department, finds upon inspection that any of the improvements being installed and
    constructed, or upon completion, are not in accordance with the plans, specifications,
    or plat in the form in which they were approved, the responsibility of the
    Municipality and/or the County to provide services and utilities shall cease.

  5. Standard Forms For Execution
    The Planning Commission shall prepare, adopt, and distribute standard forms from
    time to time for the execution of subdivision improvement agreements, posting of
    bonds, title insurances, inspection fees, and other administrative procedures essential
    to the carrying out of this Chapter.

  6. Survey Monuments
    See Section 1207.13(c)(9)(I) for monument requirements.

  7. Street Signs
    The subdivider shall place on deposit or arrange as part of any bond agreement,
    sufficient funds to cover the cost of purchase, delivery, and installation of all
    required street name signs. Such signs shall conform to the standards and
    specifications adopted by the City.