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Section 1211.10    Relationship to Other Ordinances

  1. Zoning Certificates
    No Zoning Certificate relating to any non-exempt residential development shall be
    issued until the applicant shall have been awarded a residential development allotment
    whenever such an allotment is required by the terms of this Chapter.

  2. Conflict
    To the extent of any conflict between this Chapter and any other City ordinance or
    regulation, the more restrictive is deemed to be controlling. Otherwise, all provisions
    and procedures contained in those ordinances and regulations and in this Code shall
    remain in full force and effect and shall regulate all changes in land use and

  3. Compliance With Other Ordinances. In addition to the requirements of this Chapter,
    the applicant shall comply with all other applicable City land development ordinances
    and regulations prior to the City issuing a zoning certificate.