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Section 1211.06    Residential Development Allotment Calculation

  1. Semiannual Allocation
    For each semiannual allocation period, the total number of allotments available shall be
    calculated by dividing the annual allocation by two (2).

  2. Prorata Allotment Formula
    For each semiannual allocation period, the number of allotments to be award to each
    applicant shall be equal to the number of allotments requested by that applicant
    multiplied by the total number of allotments available in that allocation period divided
    by the total number of allotments requested in that allocation period. Prior to
    allocation, however, all applicants shall be granted a minimum of one automatic
    allotment requested in that allocation period, and such proration shall be subject to all
    other provisions of this chapter affecting allocations and grants of allotments.
    Nevertheless, no more than one (1) automatic allotment shall be awarded to an
    applicant in any one year.

    Explanatory Note: The proposed allotment system is a prorata one, that is, an
    applicant will receive a prorata share of the allotments available based on the number
    of allotments it requests. To ensure equity for small applicants, every applicant
    receives at least one allotment. For example, assume there are 50 units available in
    the first semiannual of the year for allotment to applicants with priority status.
    Applicant Smith requests 20 units, and the overall number of requests by 10 applicants
    is for 100 units. Applying the formula above produces an allocation of 9 units for
    Applicant Smith as follows:

    Step 1: Award one allotment to each applicant (10), which leaves 40 allotments for
    award. Smith gets 1 unit.

    Step 2: Apply Formula
    Allotments Requested By Smith (20) X Total Number Available (50-10=40) = 8

      Total Requested (100)
    Step 3: Add Step 1 and Step 2 for total allotment = 9 Units

  3. Insufficient Allotment Availability
    If insufficient allotments are available to allow a minimum automatic allocation of one
    allotment per applicant, a random selection shall be held by the City Manager to
    determine the order in which allotment requests are awarded.

  4. Excess Allotments
    In the event that fewer allotments are requested than are available during any allotment
    period, the City Manager shall grant all allotments requested within two weeks of the
    application date without further action of the Planning Commission or City Council.

  5. Rounding Down Of Allotments
    Allotments shall be rounded downwards for fractional numbers.

  6. Replacement of Existing Allotments
    Only if there are excess allotments available during any allotment period after the
    award of allotments to all applicants possessing lots for which no allotment has yet
    been awarded or for which a previously awarded allotment has expired, or will expire
    at the next award date, may such excess allotments be awarded on a pro-rata basis to
    all lots which applicants already possess on the date of award a valid residential
    developmental allotment for each such lot.