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Section 1207.08    Wellhead Protection Area Standards

Designation of Wellhead Protection Areas and Adoption of Official Map
The boundaries of all wellhead protection areas in the City of Hudson are shown on a
map entitled "City of Hudson, Ohio, Wellhead Protection Areas Map." This map,
together with all notations, references, and other information shown thereon, is
hereby adopted by reference and declared to be a part of this Code as if set forth
herein. Original copies of the Wellhead Protection Areas Map and all amendments
thereto shall be maintained in the office of Community Development. In case of any
dispute regarding the classification of any property within a designated wellhead
protection area subject to this section, the original maps maintained by the office of
Community Development shall control.

  1. Prohibited Uses and Activities
    Notwithstanding any allowance for such uses or activities within Chapter 1205,
    "Zoning Districts," the following uses and activities shall be prohibited within the
    designated 5-year time-of-travel wellhead protection areas:
    1. All agricultural, commercial, retail, or industrial uses;

    2. All institutional/civic/public uses, including solid waste disposal facilities,
      but not including passive recreational or natural open space systems,
      including trails;

    3. All golf course uses (public or private);

    4. Individual on-lot sewage systems, including septic systems, dry wells, and
      package plants;

    5. Other prohibited activities:
      1. Use of regulated or unregulated hazardous materials, in an amount
        defined by the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency as constituting
        a medium to high pollution risk for wellhead protection purposes;
      2. Use of above or below ground storage tanks (flammable, toxics,
        petroleum products, and other chemicals); and
      3. Any other uses or activities listed by the Ohio Environmental
        Protection Agency, as part of the agency's Ohio Wellhead Protection
        Program, that fall within Category I, "Medium to High Pollution
        Risk," or Category II, "Medium Pollution List."

  2. Lot Coverage
    Within a wellhead protection area, lot coverage by principal and accessory structures
    and buildings, parking areas, driveways, and other impervious surfaces shall be
    minimized to the maximum extent feasible.