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Section 1201.03    Purpose And Intent

The regulations of this land development code are intended to implement the City of Hudson
Comprehensive Plan, as amended, and more specifically are intended to:

  1. Promote the public health, safety, convenience, comfort, prosperity, and general

  2. Secure safety of persons and property from fire, flood, and other dangers, and to
    secure adequate open spaces for light, air, and amenity;

  3. Conserve and stabilize property values through the most appropriate uses of land
    in relation to one another;

  4. Preserve and protect forests and woodlands, existing trees and vegetation,
    agricultural lands, floodplains, stream corridors, wetlands, and other sensitive
    environmental areas from adverse impacts of urban and suburban development;

  5. Facilitate the economic provision of adequate public facilities such as
    transportation, water supply, sewage disposal, drainage, electricity, public
    schools, parks, and other public services and requirements;

  6. Prevent congestion in travel and transportation, reduce community dependence on
    automobile travel, and encourage trip consolidation;

  7. Preserve and protect the architecture, history, and small-town character of the
    historic village core;

  8. Encourage innovative residential development so that growing demand for
    housing may be met by greater variety in type, design, and layout of dwellings,
    and by conservation and more efficient use of open space ancillary to such

  9. Encourage nonresidential development that preserves and protects the character of
    the community, including its natural landscape, and that minimizes objectionable
    noise, glare, odor, traffic and other impacts of such development, especially when
    adjacent to residential uses or to the historic village core;

  10. Manage overall community growth, including population and employment growth,
    to benefit the community and to encourage fiscally efficient and orderly
    development; and

  11. Encourage a balance of residential and non-residential uses and development in the
    community so that future growth occurs in a fiscally prudent manner.