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Section 1212.02    Violations and Penalty

  1.  General
    The office of the City Manager shall be the city agency authorized and empowered to enforce the provisions of this Code as set forth in this Chapter.

  2. Violations
    It shall be a violation of this Land Development Code to undertake any of the
    following activities:
    1. Subdivision without final approval of a final subdivision plat or minor
      subdivision (no plat required);

    2. Grade, cut, clear, or undertake any other land disturbance activity without a
      zoning certificate;

    3. Residential development, including new single family development on single
      lots, accessory structures, additions, alterations, or fences without a Zoning
      Certificate or a residential allotment pursuant to Chapter 1211 of this Code;

    4. Industrial or commercial development including accessory structures,
      additions, alterations, or fences without a Zoning Certificate;

    5. Development, construction, alteration, expansion, demolition, or moving of a
      structure or building in a Historic District or involving a historic landmark
      without a Certificate of Appropriateness;

    6. Erect, move, replace, or alter a sign without a zoning certificate;

    7. Occupy, use, or change the use of any structure or land except in compliance
      with this Code;

    8. Create, expand, replace, or change a nonconforming use except in
      compliance with this Code;

    9. Failure to comply with any terms, conditions, or limitations contained on the
      site plan, subdivision plat, landscaping plan, building elevations, or other
      approved document pertaining to a development or subdivision that has
      received final approval from the City; and

    10. Failure to comply with any condition of record imposed by the appropriate
      decision-maker upon its review of the final site plan, planned development
      plan, site-specific development plan, or other plan for development under the
      provisions of this Code.

    11. Failure to comply with any provision of the Land Development Code not
      explicitly stated in the previous activities (1) through (10).

  3. Penalty
    Whoever violates any provision of this Code is guilty of a minor misdemeanor, the
    penalty for which shall be a maximum fine of $100 and no imprisonment. Each day
    of violation of a provision of this Code is a separate offense. Each subsequent
    violation of the same provision of this Code shall be a misdemeanor of the fourth
    degree which shall have a penalty of up to a $250 fine and/or up to 30 days

    The court may require a person who is convicted of a violation of this Code to make
    restitution for all or part of the property damage it has caused by the offense and the
    court may require the person who is convicted to correct any violation of this Code.