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Section 1210.02    Findings

The City Council makes the following findings:

  1. To further the public interest in land development, the City has enacted new zoning and other land development regulations applicable to all properties in the newly merged City of Hudson;
  2. In some very limited situations, the application of such zoning or other land development regulations may deny a property owner all reasonable use of his property and consequently effect a taking under either the Ohio or United States Constitutions; and
  3. That to preserve and protect private property rights, an administrative process is desirable that would afford appropriate relief in those instances where zoning or other land development regulations lead to denial of a land development application and create a substantial economic hardship; and
  4. That such an administrative economic hardship/taking relief process would provide Hudson a quick and flexible means to respond to valid economic hardship and taking claims without necessarily incurring the time-consuming and significant expense of litigating such a claim in the courts.