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Section 1208.05    Lots

  1. Size, Shape, and Orientation
    The lot size, width, depth, shape, and orientation shall be appropriate for the location
    of the subdivision and type of development and use contemplated.

  2. Lot Dimensions
    Lots shall conform in size to at least the minimum area and width requirements
    specified in Chapter 1205 for the particular zone district in which it is located.

  3. Corner Lots
    Corner lots shall be configured only as shown in Figure 30a, below. The
    configuration of corner lots illustrated in Figure 30b, below shall be prohibited in all
  4. Side Lot Lines
    Side lot lines shall normally be at right angles to the street or radial to curved streets,
    except when natural or cultural features suggest other suitable and appropriate

  5. Double Frontage Lots
    1. Double frontage lots shall be avoided except where essential to provide
      separation of residential development from major arteries or to offset specific
      disadvantages of topography.
    2. Double frontage lots shall be restricted by the applicable front building
      setbacks from both streets.

  6. Building Setback Line
    Building setback lines, including setbacks for accessory structures, shall conform to
    the requirements specified in Chapter 1205 for the zone district in which the lot is

  7. Lot Frontage/Access to Street
    Every lot shall have adequate access to a public street or alley. All single-family
    dwelling lots shall have at least 60 feet frontage on a public street or roadway.

  8. Development Along Railroads
    Industrial, commercial, or residential building sites along railroads should normally
    have extra lot depth to permit deep setbacks for such building development and uses.
    The streets or roads serving such development shall be so located as not to interfere
    with the possible future construction of grade crossing or grade separation facilities
    along adjacent major traffic routes.