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Section 1211.02    Findings

The City Council of the City of Hudson (City Council) makes the following

  1. That the sustained high rate of residential development and associated population
    growth in the city has and continues to cause a deterioration in the level and quality
    of public services and infrastructure;

  2. That the growth rate of the City over the past decade greatly exceeds the growth rate
    of the region, the State of Ohio, and the United States as a whole;

  3. That the cost of providing such public services and infrastructure has and will
    continue to exceed the financial capability of the city to provide such services and
    infrastructure in a timely fashion concurrent with development and demand;

  4. That the cost of municipal services and facilities necessitated by a typical residential
    unit exceeds the tax revenues generated thereby;

  5. That there is an existing and growing imbalance between residential and nonresidential
    development in the city that further contributes to the shortfall in
    municipal revenues necessary to provide adequate public services and infrastructure
    and a high quality of life;

  6. That the city needs to moderate the rate of residential development to afford it
    additional time to prepare plans to provide necessary infrastructure and services to
    accommodate new residential development, to attract new non-residential
    development that will provide revenues to the city to assist in the financing of such
    services and infrastructure, and to maintain reasonable property tax rates, fees, and
    other charges for its citizens.

  7.  There is a need for housing in the city affordable for those employed in the
    community and for special groups such as the elderly and disabled.