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Section 1211.01    Purpose and Intent

The purpose and intent of this Chapter is to:

  1. Establish a Growth Management Development Allocation System in the City of
    Hudson to regulate the rate at which the city issues zoning certificates for certain
    residential dwelling units and subdivisions.

  2. Implement the policies and goals of the 2004 City of Hudson Comprehensive Plan
    (2004 Comprehensive Plan) relating to growth management strategy, transportation,
    community facilities and infrastructure, economic development, and community

  3. Establish a residential development management and allocation system to control the
    rate of residential development to ensure that:
    1. Growth is orderly and that municipal infrastructure and public services are
      available concurrently with such development and to prevent further
      deterioration of public facility and infrastructure service levels;

    2. The fiscal impact of such development does not exceed revenue available
      from such development and other sources to pay the cost of infrastructure
      and services which it necessitates;

    3. The community character of the city as a desirable place to live and conduct
      business is not eroded and that property values are protected throughout the

    4. The density of population in the city is managed carefully to prevent
      overcrowding and congestion; and

    5. Existing developments are completed and land adjacent to existing
      subdivisions is developed on a preferential basis to reduce infrastructure
      extension costs.