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Section 1204.01    Code Amendments

All applications for text or zoning map amendments shall be reviewed by the PC and City Council
for compliance with the following standards:

  1. The site-specific development plan, which the proposed amendment to this Code
    would allow, is compatible and consistent with the policies and intent of the
    Comprehensive Plan and with existing growth and development patterns in the city;

  2. The site-specific development plan complies with all applicable standards for review
    of planned developments as set forth in Section 1204.02 below;

  3. The site-specific development plan complies with all applicable requirements set
    forth in Chapter 1207, "Zoning Development and Site Plan Standards," of this Code,
    except to the extent modifications, variances, or waivers have been expressly

  4. The site-specific development plan would not have the potential to reduce the level
    of ecological integrity from the existing level to a lesser level as shown on any of
    the individual metrics or the undeveloped composite set forth in Appendix B to this

  5. The City shall have the ability to provide adequate services, facilities, or programs
    that might be required if the application were approved; and

  6. The amendment is necessary to address changed or changing social values, new
    planning concepts, or other social or economic conditions in the areas affected.